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Preparing for Brexit?

We are here to help!

We’ve compiled the important changes that may affect your business.

From 1st January 2021 – changes are coming to the UK and EU border on customs.

How to get your business ready for import and export changes?

Any sales going to private consumers outside of the UK will be classed as ‘exports’ and zero-rated for VAT purposes.  So how can you get ready for this?

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Importer of record


Fiscal Representation

3 Things to Take Note

  1. You will need to decide who will be the ‘importer of record’ (the importer of record is liable for the VAT owed) – you or your customer? If it is you, you will require a VAT registration in place in the country of arrival in order to account for the VAT.

  2. If you are the importer of record, you will also require an EU EORI (Economic Operator Registration Identification Number), this identifies you as the importer to the EU customs authorities. After Brexit, you will require both a UK and EU EORI number if you importing into either.

  3. In some EU countries, they require a non-EU country to use a Fiscal Representative. The Fiscal Representative is jointly liable for any VAT owed and may require bank guarantees and increased fees. Speak to us to find the best options for your business.

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Get a UK EORI Number/a EU EORI 

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Agree on Incoterms

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Describe and Classify the goods correction

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Complete commercial invoices

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additional export licenses and documents

The Brexit To Do Lists

  1. Get a UK EORI Number (if exporting) and a EU EORI (if importing)

  2. Agree on Incoterms with your suppliers and Customers

  3. Describe and Classify the goods correction when exporting

    • UK EORI Number

    • HS Codes / Commodity Codes

    • Descriptions

    • Origin of Goods

    • True Value of Goods

  4. Complete commercial invoices correctly

  5. Understand if you need additional export licenses and supporting documents

brexit to list

Free Brexit Ready Assessment

We are offering a Free Brexit Assessment to all businesses that export outside of the UK

There will be two types of shipper from our experience:

  • Those who have experience sending outside of the EU who will already have an understanding of how this will work, in terms of providing the correct paperwork, such as Commercial Invoices, and Duties & Taxes.

  • ​Those who have only ever shipped within the EU. There is much for them to understand and prepare for.

If you are planning to ship outside of the UK and would like a free Brexit assessment, call us at 0203 967 6700 or schedule an appointment.

If there is something we haven’t covered or you have any additional concerns contact us. Your questions will be answered by our team members dedicated to all things post-Brexit.

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