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The Success package for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform built on the web design software WordPress. It has a wide variety of benefits for businesses with online stores. Mainly, it allows online stores ease to manage their products in a very user-friendly interface processing online payments from customers with ease.

Cloud Shipping has everything you need to succeed with WooCommerce

Industry-best shipping rates and extensive workflow support. Real-time order management across all channels. Since 2015, Cloud Shipping has helped merchants with WooCommerce shipping solutions.

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WooCommerce Fit Assessment

WooCommerce is a formidable e-commerce platform built on WordPress. However, before jumping in and selecting a shipping solution it’s a good idea to make sure it’s the right choice for your online store. We’ll evaluate your situation and goals and let you know if Shipping solution is a good fit. This is a free consultation. If you’re developing a WooCommerce powered store and need a Shipping solution for UK and overseas, call us at 0203 967 6700 or schedule an appointment

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We can help WooCommerce store owners get more

Orders from wherever you sell, all in one place.

Automatically import orders from all your sales channels. Add automation and rules to prioritize and process your way. Batch print labels and send tracking information back to your WooCommerce store and customers.


Access discounted shipping rates—regardless of size. Plus, get exclusive rate.


Print labels, manage orders, automate shipping, track shipments, and notify recipients—all in one easy-to-use, cloud-based shipping platform.


Powerful automation streamlines shipping, tracking, and returns so you can turn your focus to more important things—like building your business.

Best rates for WooCommerce store owners

Cloud Shipping has help with providing low shipping rates for WooCommerce store owners, including exclusive rates on smaller, heavier packages.

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Automate your WooCommerce shipping

Our online software from our solution partners makes it easy to print labels, process orders, and automate tracking.

  • Manage orders and print labels

  • Automate shipping with shipping rules

  • Easy tracking and returns

  • Not tech savvy, don’t worry - we guide you through the process

Include Royal Mail services within a single integration so that you can select Royal Mail shipping rates as well as carriers such as UPS, DHL, DPD, FedEX and TNT within your WooCommerce account. Which means you have access to discounted shipping rates as well as Royal Mail in one place.

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